A better way to water your plants

2011 was a real bummer here , lots of heat and no rain in sight for a few months and so all the plants suffered , alive but in no mood to make any sort of vegetable. I guy in MN came up with a clever solution :Rain gutter automated watering.  I just want veggies that need lots of water to have it available , and have at least some , the conventional garden is still being used , this is just a supplement.The rain gutter is sandwiched between the wood.The inventor of this is Larry Hall  up in the deep freeze called Minnesota , he deserves the credit for coming up with this cleverness.

Here is what was used here to make it :

Here is  list of material used for mine : 2 pressure treated 2×4  10 feet long , 1 rain gutter , 2 end caps , 1 float water valve , 1 net cup , 1 bucket or adequate container of your choice with 2 7/8 hole at bottom , some roofing screws with rubber seal .

Close up of Adjustable float valve and bucket with net cup.


Managed to make 2 more after this one


more later

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One Response to A better way to water your plants

  1. Hi! You love this land and that is written in photos and descriptions of your work.

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